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Well, that's it......that logo up there.....that's the origin.

Okay, check that! 

Not totally....let's go back to the beginning...

This story starts on the green grass of Zilker Park in Austin, TX at the annual event of merriment known as Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL).

It's that annual gathering of the Goats Up crew that found me waving a drumstick sized awesome glow stick I found at the local Dollar Store.

When I say awesome I mean it as it literally had the word "awesome" printed on it.  As one who loves percussion, the awesome stick was waved vigourously, especially during a late night EDM set.

Now, this is where things get sad :(

One year, during prep for ACL the awesome stick was no longer able to be found.  Boo!

So, for the next few years, now known as the "dark time" peak fun was no longer attainable without the physicality of the awesome stick. 

How to share the beat of the percussion?

What will be the guidepost to your friends trying to follow through the throngs of people wandering the festival grounds late at night?

How best to be a beacon of positivity?
How?  What?  Why?

What can be done???

Fast forward through the stages of grief and I find myself sitting in the car with Junebear (from Fun Fairy Habitats) after walking through AxMan Surplus and her asking me: " we need to go back in and get that stick?"


Smile and enthusiastic "YES!"

What stick you are wondering?

Well, amongst the hoard of items in the store I saw a clear plastic pipe of the right weight, length and grip to be a suitable replacement in a blossoming idea of making a custom awesome stick.

Yeah, you heard that right.....CUSTOM AWESOME stick.

Umm, LFG!

So back in to the store the two of us went.

A few minutes later we find ourselves walking out sharing some big smiles.

Awesome was afoot again world!

Now, Junebear & I get to work on her Cricut.....a...w....e....s...o...m...e...yep, we need those on this thing. 

How about making the "S" something custom, like a swipe from a paint brush, yeah, we like!

How about a few icons? 


A crescent moon, check! 

A flower, check!

A star, check!

A heart, check check!!

The Awesome design was complete.

Add a mixture of glow sticks and fairy lights and Awesome stick was ready for adventure again.

So, there you have it, that's how this how thing started.

Now, you can get The Awesome merch and spread awesome positivity with us.

And....if you happen to be at ACL (or an EDM show at Red Rocks) keep an eye out for The Awesome stick being waved around in the air and say "hello" and we can share smiles, dancing and living the the awesome now TOGETHER.


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